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We serve event tech creators with a solid event platform and features to build your clients' demands in every aspect, with technical elegancy.


Discover the Twebcast difference

With our unique platform - built by technicians for technicians - we fill the gap between the technical studio and the audience. Add Twebcast to your event tools to deliver exceptional results.

Extensive library

Our platform covers everything before, during, and after the event. A vast library of features that your clients demand.

Total freedom

Our platform is designed to be customizable and adaptable, with the assurance of a stable and secure foundation to rely on. This saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on sharp technical solutions.

Security and scalability

We are SOC 2 certified, making it easier for your clients where security is crucial. With a reliable foundation, you can efficiently scale your business and meet your clients' needs.

Intuitive for your clients

Let your clients easily manage registrations, participant lists, and get an overview of the event's data.


Customize your project both visually and functionally.

Open I/O APIs

Integrate Twebcast with your existing technical studio setup. Control Twebcast from your preferred solution and build custom results based on our result API. The perfect recipe for an unforgettable user experience.

Run actions

With Twebcast's action toggles, you can easily control and manage effects and states in your event. Use our actions or write your own.

Timeline & Control

Follow the pace of your event, keep track of every detail and control what is shown on every screen.


Managed, built & controlled with Twebcast

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Vi firar 150 år av innovation

During five days, 600 participants from a large International Industrial company gathered to celebrate.

Digitalize in stockholm

Digitalize in Stockholm en global event med värd i Stockholm


Årets Guldmyran delades ut på Sergel Hub i centrala Stockholm. Med 200 personer på plats och en mycket större publik som tittade på sändningarna online skapade vi en högtidlig och engagerande eftermiddag.
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Unlock the Potential of Your Events

Twebcast provides event agencies with a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance customization options, provide detailed analytics, and boost attendee engagement. With our platform, you have full control over creating unique and memorable events.

Community possibilities

Find new customers and collaborations through our network.

Get exclusive discounts

As a partner with Twebcast, you have access to advantageous prices and offers.

Track data over time

With multiple events in Twebcast, you can analyze overarching data and demonstrate success factors to your clients.

Be adaptable to change

Events and trends are constantly evolving. With Twebcast, you can ensure that you cover a large part of the event market and thus always stay current in the moment.

"Det var fantastiskt att se hur varje enskild person i publiken deltog."

Peter Settman


"Att göra det möjligt att interagera med deltagarna och hålla dem engagerade var avgörande för oss. Med Twebcast kan vi koppla samman våra talare med publiken och göra dem till en del av onlineupplevelsen."

Jakob Carlsson

Projektledare Events på Epicenter

"Twebcasts avancerade interaktivitet och video i samma plattform är helt enkelt fantastiskt! Den gör det verkligen möjligt att skapa komplexa och kraftfulla online-workshops, events och föreläsningar!"

Jon Forsell

Talare, producent och moderator på Happy Bear

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