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We love people, brands, tech and data. We create innovative events and experiences. In real life and beyond. With deep understanding of humans, cultures, tech & data we create innovative, creative experiences. Experiences that positions and strenghtens brand identity and touches people for real. Arranging virtual events calls for skillful expertise of how to create formats, storytelling and graphics that engages the crowd but also technology and broadcasting competence. Let us help you create engagement, pride, joy, excitement and goose bumps also in your online meetings and summits.

Some of our virtual events clients

SIPRI, Microsoft, Toyota, SOS Alarm, Reach for Change, 3stepIT, St1, Folke Bernadotte Academy, WSP, CMI, Svenska Spel

We offer the following services for Virtual Events:

Format & storyline

Speaker coaching

Key visual and design

Broadcast and studio production

Event site and digital interaction tools MKTG Sweden is a part of MKTG Nordics and MKTG’s global network with over 1600 employees in 32 offices located in 19 countries. All MKTG agencies have their local conditions, nuances and strengths with our common mission:

MKTGis a global lifestyle marketing agency – comprised of pioneers and practitioners of live events, PR, sports and entertainment, sponsorship, enterprise / B2B and retail innovation. Our outlook on marketing is simple. The more human a brand can be, the more people will connect to it. Our job is to humanize brands and connect them to passionate communities everywhere.

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